Thursday, May 27, 2010


So to catch everyone up...
What a four months it has been. That's right on June 3rd it will be 5 months since little Luke was born and passed away.

Thaddeus and I just wanted to share what was going on in our life currently. Since the baby passed away the doctors have told me that I will never be able to carry a baby full term. The risk of the same result, neonatal death due to preterm labor caused from an incompetent cervix and placental abrution is so high we don't want to even chance it. So Thaddeus and I were planing to adopt and really had been praying for a direction for God to take us.

Well that's when we met Jenni. Jenni is a Labor and Delivery nurse and through a miracle from God we were introduced. My OB wanted us to meet as Jenni is a surrogate but there was no way legally she could introduce us. Through a third party we ended up meeting anyways and when our OB find out she was shocked that we had actually met. Jenni is a Gestational surrogate. Her and her husband have 2 kids and Jenni recently delivered twins for a Doctor in Tomball. So to sum it up Jenni will be the gestational surrogate for me and Thaddeus.

A gestational surrogate is someone who carries another persons child/children. The baby will be conceived from my eggs and Thaddues sperm through Invitro fertilization. This a long process as we went to court for a pre birth order in which the judge granted us the pre birth order with out assigning us a home study (the first time he has waived it for 1st time surrogacy cases) go through a long calendar of medication as well as an egg retrieval procedure from me and a transfer of a fertilized egg(s) to Jenni. My procedure will be fast and easy, they put under local anesthetic and retrieve as many eggs as possible. Once they are fertilized they want them to bake for 5 days and then they will transfer the eggs into Jenni. We had a doctor's appointment in March and my tests came back good showing that I had 18 mature eggs, almost double then what they want :) We will do the transfer in August and that will put the baby/ babies due in or around May. There is an increased chance of multiples when doing IVF but we are just praying for healthy (one, two how many He wants).

I know this is a lot of detail but I want everyone to know the whole process and it is so hard to call everyone and tell them so we just decided to keep a blog so you can keep up with our process.

I do ask that yall don't mention it on my facebook as my students don't know. They have already had a tough year with the baby passing away I am planning on waiting until Jenni is around 4 months pregnant before telling the kiddos.

We are really excited and looking forward to everyone meeting Jenni, her husband Justin and Mackenzie and Mason her kiddos. I have added the link to her video and it has her 1st journey on it. It is SO amazing... and if you ask her why she has done it she will say this is what God has called her to do! Thaddeus and I are so blessed, happy and excited but still need lot's of prayers as there is never a guarantee.


Thanks everyone for your support through all of this and we just wanted to share this with everyone!