Monday, September 19, 2011

Westin's Surgery

Well.... I have been terrified of this day for a while. Westin has surgery on Thursday. We have to be there at 6:00am and surgery is scheduled at 7:30am. We met with Dr. S. today and he walked me through some things. We registered with the hospital etc. and it took a million and a half years to get everything done. I had to miss rehearsal today with my Girls....ugh I was not happy about that. I only get to spend so much time with them and I was not happy to be stuck in a waiting room.

I have a million different emotions going on right. First my sweet perfect babies smile is about to change. I am so excited for him but sad too because he has had that perfect smile for 4 months.

I am terrified about my little guy going through surgery. I just keep praying that God will protect him, but I can't help and wonder "what if" I just keep praying that God to please not take another child from me (Selfish right? We should all wish to be in God's Kingdom) But I want more time with my babies. I think its total legitimate fear considering Luke's passing.

I do ask for prayers. Please pray for Westin, for his surgeons and that everything will go perfect! And please pray for me, this mommy is trying to be brave, and faithful but it has proven to be a hard task this go round.

My prayer for this week: "For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand & says to you, Do not fear; I will help you" Isaiah 41:13

Below are some pictures of Westin's progress ...

Happy Birthday Westin! 

Westin Before his appliance 

Westin Before Appliance 

Westin with Appliance but without the nose piece
(and I guess his eczema was acting up) 

Westin with Appliance and nasal addition about halfway through his treatment 

Westin One week before Surgery 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A post of Pictures

Meet Tatum and Westin 

Baby A: Westin Anthony born at 8:03am. 5lbs 12oz 19 3/4 inches 

Baby B: Tatum Nicole born at 8:05am 5lbs 11oz   19inches 

Jenni Meeting Tatum and Westin 

A PERFECT Team and the best friends we could ever ask for!!
Thank you Lord! 

Our Amazing OB/GYN she is truly one of my heros!!

On that morning we woke up and had to be at the hospital at 6:00am. They took Jenni back around 7:30ish. Once Justin, Thaddeus and I got dressed in our Pillsbury doughboy outfits we made our way to the OR. At 8:03 sweet Westin arrived. I will never forget the moment I saw that sweet face. I remember being relieved that he was healthy and crying. Ay 8:05 came Tatum my sweet girl :) From that moment we left Jenni. Thaddeus went with Westin and me Tatum. After they did the usual clean them off etc. We knew Westin was going to have to go to NICU so they let me Thaddeus and the twins go back in the OR and spend some time with Jenni and Justin before Westin went to NICU. I think they let us back because we knew his issues was going to be eating not anything life threatening, but that's just my theory. After our time with Jenni Thaddeus went to NICU with W and me to transition with T. That's when my family got to see Tatum. After transition we got to bring Tatum in to NICU so that I could see Westin too. I won't ever forget that moment. Over the next couple of days Westin was on a feeding tube and learning how to use a bottle with his cleft and Tatum went under the Billi lights on day 2 for jaundice. Westin spent 2 weeks in NICU and came home with us!!

For Jenni's story I wil let her post. Let's just say thank goodness she is okay, and that we had some wonderful nurses, doctor and Him!! 

Pops, Me Thaddeus, Lulu, and Dede all with Tatum...Westin was in NICU still 

Me feeding Westin  

Tatum and Westin in the hospital! 

Jenni and Tatum

So life since then...

I will start with Westin. He got off his feeding tube about 4 days after he left the hospital. From then he has done SO well. He has a incomplete bilateral cleft palate and lip. So what is that? It is where his lip is not a full cleft lip and his palate is only a partial. He has his hard palate in tact the soft one is the part that will have to be repaired. YAY thats great news because this means he will have less surgeries. Right now he has an appliance put in and it reshapes his nose. This means he will not have to have reconstructive surgery on his nose. His first surgery to repair his lip on September 22nd. 

Tatum is doing great! She has had an Ear infection,  Strep throat and her ears pierced!! 

Last week at the doctor Westin weighed 11lbs 6oz and Tatum weighed 11lbs and 1oz. I have posted some pictured below!! 

Westin and Tatum baby dedication at Community of Faith 6.18.11

The Twins newborn pictures and birth announcement below!  

 My Sweet Koenig girls and my babies!! 

I will post more pictures and updates soon!! 


Monday, May 2, 2011

9 hours left

First off I never thought I would get to say that! Tomorrow is the day! We are scheduled to be there at 5:30am and they should be here some time around 8:00am. I want to thank everyone for your prayers, support and love throughout the journey, and though this is not the end and simply a new chapter we are so thankful!

Whats it like at out house tonight.....hmmmm well for about an hour after I got hom from dinner/work I walked around my house, yep for a full hour I could not figure out what to do and I could not wrap my head around it all. Bags are packed house is pretty I forgetting something???

I have cried tears of joy tonight just so thankful that tomorrow I get to be a mom again! Tears of sadness last time I did this I had my Luke and I know he will be watching every moment with us....he is a reason I get Tatum and Westin. I cry for my puppies, man they have no idea what is coming in the next couple of days... they have been my babies for 4 years, culture shock for them right? The simple thoughts of next time I do ....(fill in the blank)....I will have babies! I will get to celebrate mother's day this year....I did last year in a sense but I get to hold and love on my babies, my little miracles....well I guess "our" Thaddeus is included somewhere in all of this right ? ;)

Then I cry in awe and gratefulness for Jenni. My very best friend is having babies for me and my husband many people get to say that. How many people get to take the tragedy of a loss and turn it into the most amazing miracle and blessing in the world. Jenni, though you will read my note to you tomorrow thank you, Thaddeus and I love you so much!!

I will leave it on this note. On Sunday as Thaddeus and I were having our last lunch as not having kids  after church we were sitting next to a couple at Newks. They were talking about how the Loss or death of a child can ruin a marriage....Thaddeus and I looked at each other smiled and both agreed that we totally disagree with that statement. Our love and marriage is stronger then I could have ever imagined because of the loss of Luke.

Please pray for tomorrow, pray for sleep for all of us tonight, a smooth csection for Jenni tomorrow, and healthy babies!!

Thank you Lord for our journey, our story, our loss that turned into a blessing. I am so very thankful for each step of our journey!! Will post updates later!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 days left or 13 days left!!

So on Monday this week Jenni went to Norton's. Her blood pressure was high so she had to monitor her urine for 24 right? She also had to have blood work just to ensure she didn't have PIH (Pregnancy induced Hypertension). Thankfully Jenni passed all the tests, yay! NO BABIES TOMORROW!!!

We go see Norton tomorrow and we will find out more details on if we will keep the twins date to May 3rd or possibly move it to April 28th or 29th! Please pray that twins stay healthy and gain a little more weight in their last 9 or 13 days inside their fluffy mattress home! Please pray for Jenni she is still throwing up....yep she is 36 weeks and still vomiting 24/7!

I have put the twins car seats in the car...I will post pictures later!!

Thanks for the prayers, love and support!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

33 Days left!!!

33 more days!!! That means 5 more Monday's...5 more weekends...and they are pretty jam packed. I have my Studio Company shower this weekend. Next weekend we have our Maternity pictures with Ms. Krissy Alexander. The next weekend I have competition, then Easter, Company class placements and then BABIES!!!  

The nursery is completely done! I need some pictures to show everyone! 

We went to the Doctor on Tuesday 
Westin is 4lbs 0oz
Tatum is 4lbs 6oz

They are getting big! We had our NST today at Methodist and it went perfect. 

We have 4 more appointments at Dr. N's and 1 more appointment at Dr. H's!! I love all the countdowns because it feels so real. I have a feeling that the next 33 days are going to go by slow!! 

Prayers for continued growth for the twins, for Jenni and our families!!! 

Jenni & Elizabeth. Getting the NST done at Methodist! 

Jenni & I working on the Nursery

Westin's first pair of Sperry's
Each of them already has 8 pairs of shoes each :) 

At their 1st concert seeing Rascal Flatts 

The belly at 30 weeks!! 

My beautiful cake and m&m's with Tatum and Westin's names on them!! 

My mom, Kate, Sandi & Me! Love my neighbors!!! 

The twins "Target mom" 

My Hostesses! 
Faye, Jenni, Me, Belinda, Sharon, and Lauren

My lovely Koenig Ladies!! 
Adrienne, Taylor, Me, Angela & Andee