Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 days left or 13 days left!!

So on Monday this week Jenni went to Norton's. Her blood pressure was high so she had to monitor her urine for 24 right? She also had to have blood work just to ensure she didn't have PIH (Pregnancy induced Hypertension). Thankfully Jenni passed all the tests, yay! NO BABIES TOMORROW!!!

We go see Norton tomorrow and we will find out more details on if we will keep the twins date to May 3rd or possibly move it to April 28th or 29th! Please pray that twins stay healthy and gain a little more weight in their last 9 or 13 days inside their fluffy mattress home! Please pray for Jenni she is still throwing up....yep she is 36 weeks and still vomiting 24/7!

I have put the twins car seats in the car...I will post pictures later!!

Thanks for the prayers, love and support!!!

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