Thursday, March 31, 2011

33 Days left!!!

33 more days!!! That means 5 more Monday's...5 more weekends...and they are pretty jam packed. I have my Studio Company shower this weekend. Next weekend we have our Maternity pictures with Ms. Krissy Alexander. The next weekend I have competition, then Easter, Company class placements and then BABIES!!!  

The nursery is completely done! I need some pictures to show everyone! 

We went to the Doctor on Tuesday 
Westin is 4lbs 0oz
Tatum is 4lbs 6oz

They are getting big! We had our NST today at Methodist and it went perfect. 

We have 4 more appointments at Dr. N's and 1 more appointment at Dr. H's!! I love all the countdowns because it feels so real. I have a feeling that the next 33 days are going to go by slow!! 

Prayers for continued growth for the twins, for Jenni and our families!!! 

Jenni & Elizabeth. Getting the NST done at Methodist! 

Jenni & I working on the Nursery

Westin's first pair of Sperry's
Each of them already has 8 pairs of shoes each :) 

At their 1st concert seeing Rascal Flatts 

The belly at 30 weeks!! 

My beautiful cake and m&m's with Tatum and Westin's names on them!! 

My mom, Kate, Sandi & Me! Love my neighbors!!! 

The twins "Target mom" 

My Hostesses! 
Faye, Jenni, Me, Belinda, Sharon, and Lauren

My lovely Koenig Ladies!! 
Adrienne, Taylor, Me, Angela & Andee

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