Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello....from the oven!!

Hi there!! This is Jenni... :)

So...where do I even start?! A few years back, I witnessed an open adoption taking place. (As Kristin stated, I'm a nurse) I was in the room when the adoptive parents arrived, and I watched *in awe* as the birthmom handed the adoptive mom their new baby; and I watched as these adoptive parents stared as this new baby - with tears rolling down their cheeks. Amazing? yes. Breath-taking? yes. But, there really aren't words to describe how the world stood still in that hospital room - in that moment. I stopped, prayed, and thanked God that this couple were finally parents...and I also prayed for the birthmom - that her journey would be easy. So...I decided, I wanted to change someone's life, like that birthmom just did. So, I prayed...that God would use me. Somehow. And...a few weeks later, He answered me. Loud and clear. I was to be a gestational surrogate. Wow! Really? No..God, I don't think I can...I'm not sure I can carry and bond with a baby and hand that baby over to it's parents. But, He showed me...step by step that this is what I was called to do, and this was His plan for me. And, besides being a mom myself, being a gestational surrogate has been the absolutely most amazing experience EVER!!

I met my previous intended parents (who are such dear, dear friends and extended family to us now) in November 2007. We had our first IVF attempt in June 2008 and that sadly ended in a chemical pregnancy. So, after waiting for everything to line up correctly, we had our second IVF attempt in April 2009. We transferred 2 embryos and...after a completely normal twin pregnancy with no complications (Praise God), I delivered their twin girls via scheduled c-section at 37.5 weeks on December 18th, 2009. December 18th changed my life forever. In that operating room, I watched as the girls were each delivered - my husband and I witnessed a family being created. And, I saw our sweet friends become Daddy and Mommy....I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. Seeing them now, as a family, is beyond awesome! Seeing these sweet girls who are adored by their Daddy and Mommy (and many other people)...just fills my heart with amazing joy and gratitude. I am so very, very thankful that God chose me.

So, here we are....on to journey #2. We prayed God would show us His plan in regards to me doing another surrogacy. And, He did...and it was, and continues to be, amazing. We met Thaddeus and Kristin in February 2010 through a mutual friend. And, God has not only given us another set of awesome people to help...but He has given us a rare, genuine friendship. I absolutely can't wait to see what God has in store for Thaddeus and Kristin, but I know it's going to incredible!!

Start saying lots and lots and lots of prayers for us!!! On July 4th, I start Lupron (a daily injection)...and that's the true beginning of this journey!! A surrogacy journey is quite a rollercoaster...but a rollercoaster that I'm so very blessed God threw me on! :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well it was a close call. Okay boys don't read past this point. But I had to start my period by the 21st in order to keep an August transfer and I made it just in time by starting the 19th. Never knew that starting my period on a specific day would make such a difference.

So we are on to start Medication July 4th for Jenni and July 11th for me. We have our psychiatric evaluation next Tuesday, so lot's of prayers would be appreciated. They just have to make sure we aren't all crazy for going through this :)

If you watch the Little people on TLC, our Dr. from Houston IVF was on there and he helped explain a lot of of the surrogacy process.

I think that's all for now!