Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are we crazy?! Nah....

So...last Tuesday, we (Kristin, Thaddeus, Justin and I) met with the psychotherapist at Houston IVF! I had done all my psychosocial testing with my first surrogacy through Houston IVF, so I didn't have to repeat the standardized psych. testing that a gestational surrogate goes through before being approved to be a carrier. *Thank goodness because it was hours worth of computerized testing and meeting with the therapist*

Anyway, this meeting was basically to determine that we all realized and clearly understood what we were about to embark on....and we do!! The psychotherapist was very impressed that we had thoroughly discussed all the "difficult issues" and we all completely 100% agree!! She said she had an excellent feeling about our match...and wished us the best of luck on our journey!!


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  1. Yea for rigged evaluations ;-) Because, we all know that you (and I) are both nuttso, right Jenni???