Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Updates

Little Westin

Sweet Tatum

Jenni @ 17weeks4days

So we went to the doctor last week and got a show of the twins! They even did a 4d ultra sound just as a treat for us :) The twins are doing great, moving along just perfect!

We have started the nursery, painting and putting things together for the twins! will post pictures during the "construction" process!

We have decided to change Westin's middle name to Westin Anthony (Anthony was a family name) Plus Luke is named Lukas Thomas Sharp and I want that name to be special for him :) So we have

Westin Anthony Sharp
Tatum Nicole Sharp

Please pray for Jenni and her morning (all day ) Sickness, for the twins continued growth, health and development and for our appt. with Dr. H. this week. She is the high risk doctor!!



  1. I love their names!! Jenni looks great. Prayers that the "all day" sickness subsides very soon!! I enjoy following your blog and looking forward to the next post!

  2. Jenni, you look beautiful and Kristin, the twins are growing and looking great! LOVE THIS :)

  3. LOVE the names!! I can't wait! I Miss ya'll and love you. I am praying for Jenni. Tell her I said hello.

  4. Beautiful names for two beautiful babies!!!!!!!!!! I pray that Jenni feels better soon. Hope you are well!!!