Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Jenni & I at the Steven Curtis Chapman Concert

The "Twins" at 8 weeks

Things have been kind of quiet around here. We had our 8 week ultra sound last Wednesday and the twins look great!

Baby A has a heart rate of 167 and baby B is 163. Baby A was measuring at 7 weeks and 6 days and Baby B was measuring at 8 weeks and 1 day! They are growing strong! We were released from HIVF back to Norton, yay. Won't have to drive to memorial city at 7:00am anymore :)

We went to the event Night with the Chapman's It was a concert of Steven Curtis Chapman in which Mary Beth Chapman was speaking at about their loss of their little girl Maria. It was so touching and could relate to so much of what she was saying. It was almost like I have known her for 10 years because of everything she was saying, feeling etc.

I started to reflect on the many things I was thankful for the people that have helped me and Thaddeus.

I am thankful for the story God has given me/us and the fact that he has entrusted Thaddeus and I to have "our story"

I am thankful for an amazing husband that on my weak days he is strong and continues to pray for me daily.

I am thankful for my family and their encouraging words & Love.

I am thankful for Jenni. God has trusted her to carry our twins and I am thankful that she is surrogate for the call and not for financial reasons. The majority of surrogates are in it for the money. I am thankful for the genuine friendship that Jenni and I have and knowing that my best friend is also the one giving me a Thaddeus a chance to have kiddos. and for Justin (he is a great support system to Jenni)

I am thankful for our church family and their continues prayers!

Thankful for my students: They can put the biggest smiles on my face (especially during Saturday production rehearsal) Sometimes they make me laugh so hard I cry.....I hope that my kiddos if girls are as respectful as the majority of them are.

I am thankful for my L&D nurses I had a St. Lukes ( Jennifer, Erin, Celinda, & Dawn) Those woman continued to check on me and still do. It makes such a difference when your nurses are fantastic as you are grieving through such a loss.

Dr. Carpenter for my amazing almost scarless C-section, Dr. Norton for her continuous support even has we approach our next journey and Dr. Hickman, WOW what an amazing doctor I can't explain how he does it all I can explain is that God has given him an amazing gift in giving couples the chance to have kids that couldn't before.

Lastly, I am thankful for My Little Luke! He was the biggest blessing to me. I could not imagine not having those short two hours but I will never forget them. Love you so much Lukas Thomas Sharp, you have changed me forever!



  1. Kristen,

    Your journey is so touching and your courage is amazing. Thank you for sharing with the blog world...lifting you up in prayer...

    Christina Bass Griffith

  2. I am thankful that you & Jenni are a part of my life! I feel so blessed to know you both :)

  3. Kristin- you are amazing to me!!!!!!!!!!!! You were an amazing Mommy the first time and will be again in 6 short month!!!!!!With love- Erin

  4. Kristin- I am so thrilled for you and Thadeus. Those babies are so lucky to have you two!
    Jennifer ( from St. luke's)