Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the Fighting I mean painting begin!!

We saw Dr. N. this past week. Jenni's uterus is measuring at 29 weeks :) We are actually at 22 weeks! They used the doppler for heartbeats! Westin's was 141bpm and Tatum's was 146bpm. Just perfect! Next week we see Dr. H. and then back to Dr. N. then to get another 4d ultra sound! Lots of doctors visits coming up! Jenni gets to do her blood glucose test in 2weeks! I am so so excited :) I didn't get to do this while I was pregnant so I am excited to make it to that step. The 2nd half of pregnancy I am looking so forward too. I delivered Luke at 23 weeks and 6 days so I am excited to embark on the journey of pregnancy that I have not yet experienced.
Even though I do not experience it 1st hand I get to watch it!
I am getting so so excited that we have worked on the nursery a lot the past couple of days! I have not hung anything on the walls yet we are saving that for this weekend! It has been so much fun :)

19 week appointment with Dr. N! We are so so grateful to have an amazing OB like her!

Justin and Thaddeus did all of the painting. I supervised ;) and Jenni helped touch up! It was a long I mean fun process but it looks great! It is blue and pink stripes around the entire room. On top is a black painted border and then we added a damask pattern paint to the black! I have included some pictures below!!

This is the children's retreat, babyland has taken over my house! Oh and I might add that recital costumes have arrived making things even more chaotic!!

Justin and Jenni hard to work!

T being meticulous with every detail!

Me and M man! We got so much work done ;)

Jenni touching up!

Close up of final product!

Beds, strollers, carseats oh my!!! All their matching stuff!!

Westins bedding!

Tatum bedding!

Thanks for your prayers!

Until next time- Kristin