Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9 days past transfer update!

So...the last few days have been filled with quite some excitement!! It all began Saturday afternoon as I noticed some hives on my bottom around my injection sites...continued getting worse Sunday...and by Monday morning, I was having a true allergic reaction. I have hives head to toe and my lips began to swell. I was at work when this happened on Monday and everyone was joking (after the fact) that I looked like the Octo-mom with my new plump lips. So, after taking a few doses of Benadryl and a steroid, it began to clear up. We went first thing to Houston IVF on Tuesday morning and it was determined that I have had so much repeated exposure (this is my third IVF cycle) to the progesterone in sesame oil, that I had a reaction to the type of oil. So, today, was my first dose of progesterone in olive oil...and all seems ok. I was joking with Kristin that you can tell that the baby/babies are Italian - they wanted olive oil...and not sesame oil. ;)

But, while we were there - Houston IVF decided to do our beta HCG. We were a day early, as it's protocol to be done on 9 days past transfer....and on 9dpt - they want your level to be above 50 to be considered pregnant. Yesterday, at 8dpt, our beta was 166!!!! Praise God!!

Tomorrow morning is beta #2...and our heartbeat confirmation ultrasound is scheduled for Sept. 22nd. I just can't wait to see what God has in store!!...and can't wait to see what Kristin and Thaddeus are holding in their arms in May!!! :)

We all feel so VERY blessed...there really are no adequate words.

Thank you so much for each and every prayer!! Please keep them comin'... :)


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  1. Is the olive oil helping with the knots and pain at the PIO injection site too???