Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another God Moment

Okay so these are just getting so awesome.

First off I must say that Jenni's appointment today went great, the Dr. said she has a PERFECT uterus and that her job would be so easy if all of them looked like Jenni's :). Her Estrogen level is in the 700's and it just needs to be 300 for transfer so she is set to we are just waiting on me.
My appointment tomorrow will kind of show us when retrieval will be. Friday will be more definite. But will keep you posted :)

So back to the total God moment. There are 2 doctors at HIVF. Dr. Hickman and Dr. Mackenzie and while they are both more than qualified and amazing physicians, Dr. Mackenzie was the doctor Jenni had for her chemical pregnancy before the twins. So the associated loss gives a bad taste in the mouth when it comes to Dr. Mackenzie. She is SUPER sweet, but if you know my story there is a certain doctor that should have caught my issues and he didn' when someone says his name or I see in the office I cringe. But when I am Dr. Norton (well she is just great anyways) Same with Dr. Hickman (he is the equivalent to Dr. Norton) We just LOVE him and her. Anyways we were told he would be out of town this week and next we were pretty bummed. Even contemplated pushing back transfer so that we could have him. But I prayed and prayed and God was telling me to trust him and keep transfer as it is. If I am suppose to have Dr. Mackenzie then I am suppose to, no need in trying to change it myself. Well the nurse was wrong and Dr. Hickman gets back early next week....YAY!!! That means he will be the doctor on call for our transfer. Even though I was content with Dr. Mackenzie a huge feeling of relief came over me and wow it was great.

I am so glad "I" did not try to control this and change the date myself. I am so happy I relied on Him to lead me and wow again He did it.

I am so amazed by God's love and the power of prayer and following His call.

I have an appointment tomorrow.....prayers are appreciated, thanks!!


  1. Yay! That is so awesome that Dr. Hickman will be here next week. We LOVE him too, even though we really like Dr. M as well. We're just partial to Dr. Hickman because he's who we started our journey with at HIVF. Praying for a great appointment tomorrow and Friday! Yay for Jenni's appt too!

  2. Okay so I just for the first time read your blog, and I can't even count how many times I got emotional!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am you guys!!! Praise God for Jenni, I don't know her but she seems amazing!!!! I can't wait to read more GOOD news soon. With love -Erin (St. Lukes L&D) just incase you don't remember

  3. Erin! I knew it was you just by the name!! I will for sure keep you posted throughout the rest of the journey :)

  4. Hey Kristin,
    Just curious, who was your OB doctor before Dr. Norton? Also, I love reading the blog and pray for an awesome journey!!!