Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Transfer Day!

Me and Jenni's Good luck socks

Mack's "Surro Sis" shirt

Thaddeus and I with a picture of our Embryo blasts.

Jenni & I at Houston IVF

Transfer went great!!

We had 4 blasts! We transferred two!
One of them was a perfect 4AA blast!
The other was an almost perfect 4AA (2/3) blast. They said it was better then a 4AB and only 1/3 away from a 4AA.

They are pretty sure that we will be able to freeze the other 2 and will let me know today!

Watching this take place was the most amazing experience. I can even begin to put it in words the feelings you experience watching this miracle take place.

Thanks for your prayers! Will send an update in 9 days! Or maybe 4!!



  1. LOVE the shirts and you guys look great! Such a wonderful picture of you & Thad and your little ones :) Can't wait to hear about the positive HPT's....

  2. Dearest Kristin: I read your blog every post and I have been sharing a bit of whats going on with the kids, Meg doesn't really "get it" that someone else is going to have a baby for you and Thaddeus, but Hannah kinda does, I hope you don't mind me doing this. It makes us feel closer to our family in Houston. And of course I soak up every word of your faith in God, through all of this, especially because most of us will never have to say goodbye to our child after only 2 hours, as you and Thaddeus did. When you spoke of God's plan for you in terms of the surrogacy I didn't GET IT until your latest post. I have always admired your faithfulness Kristin, it is rare, and I truly get what you have always known-that you have a special and DIFFERENT journey to take than most of the rest of us. I am so glad we had a chance to be a small part of your life while we were in Houston, you had such an impact on both my girls Kristin, and you are right-YOU will be an amazing Mom because of this journey you are on. I am humbled by your faith, your willingness to accept, actually rejoice, in the challenge of creating the family that God wills you to have. I pray every day for you, for Thaddeus and for Jenni and her family.