Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 30

Had another awesome appointment today, the nurse told me to expect 4 eggs at today's appointment. HAH I had 11 little eggies today :) So I have one more appointment on Friday and they will tell me what day retrieval is and about how many eggs they will try to take. YAY!! So excited that it turned out well again today.

I will be doing acupuncture on Friday as well, they say it makes a difference so whatever it takes ;)

I am feeling pretty yucky though, I have a ton of nasal drainage (caused from the steroid). The pressure from my ovaries is pretty uncomfortable and my boobs hurt. So I am laying down a lot. Last but not least EVERYTHING makes me cry. Today while watching centerstage, a dance movie I have seen a million times, I cried at the end. This morning cried while listening to KSBJ. Cried yesterday because Dr. Mackenzie said Jenni's uterus was perfect...I am crying all the time.

Thanks for your prayers :)


  1. Yay for a great appointment! I'm adding a box of Puffs tissues to what I'm bringing you on Saturday. :-)

  2. But at least you have a good excuse for the crying :) There's nothing like crying for no good reason!! You guys are gonna make beautiful babies in just a few days!! I'm already excited about beta day!!!!!!!!!

  3. So happy to read your good news! Thanks for sharing your journey! We are praying!