Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kristin + Anesthesia = Good Times :) Thaddeus and I are sitting in recovery waiting on Kristin...we see her come rolling around the corner on the stretcher. She is just talking a mile a minute...and said SO many funny things while she was coming out of the anesthesia. Thaddeus and I were totally entertained...and we even convinced her she said some things that she didn't...but here are some things she did say:

1) When she first rolled into recovery and saw me - she reached out her arms and said "You made it here" "Hug me - I'm going to cry". The she would start talking to a nurse or Thaddeus and then a few minutes later look over at me and say "You made it here...I'm going to cry". And this happened every few minutes - like I just got there.

2) Every time the nurse would come check on her (which was every few minutes)...she'd ask Kristin "How are you feeling?"....and Kristin's response every.single.time was " 7 a good number of eggs??" So, Barb would respond "Yes, it's a perfect number". Then, 2 minutes later - we'd go through the same script. But, then when we all start laughing - Kristin would ask "What?! Have I asked that already?"

3) Kristin kept telling the nurses (over and over) - "I admire you" "You have such an amazing job" "I need your names so I can write you thank you notes"

4) We had her convinced she promised each person there (nurse, anesthesia, physician, etc) a $500 check in their thank you card. And, the more she started waking up, the more she started getting worried that she really said that.

5) Kristin asked Thaddeus if her eggs were good - and he responded "Yes, they even have the FDA stamp of approval" And, she responded "REALLY?!?!"

6) She even offered to find a dance class at the studio that would be "perfect" for the nurse. The nurse promptly replied "I love to dance, but I've had a hip replacement"...but she mentioned she had a son that was 18 that likes to do hip-hop. So.........then Kristin says "Really?! - we have hip hop at the studio - I wish I could steal him"

OH...we had a good time!!! But, I do have to say - I'm so relieved and so grateful that everything went off perfectly. Kristin did such an awesome job!

So, as of right now, 9 sweet little Sharp babies are growing at Houston IVF and we'll soon hear more news as to how they are growing and when transfer is.

THANK YOU so much for all the prayers!! Please keep them coming! God is ever so present...and we are so thankful!!


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  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! I can hear her sweet voice saying all of these things!!!